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Background Checks

Pre-employment Screening

At Gadsden Investigations, we not only research the personal background of a possible applicant but also conduct due diligence investigations regarding former employment. This would include speaking directly to past supervisors, verifying actual employment and getting an overall feel for the applicant’s approach to their professional life.  An applicant’s personal life, including social media presence, past civil matters and actual reference interviews will help to form an outline that will better prepare you for that first interview.

Hiring new employees can be a time consuming and expensive process. Cut costs and save time by hiring Gadsden Investigations to conduct through pre-employment investigations on all your possible new hires.


Tenant Screening

There are many different online tenant screening services available. A large majority charge a fee and then supply you with a basic report right away. The information produced is often incomplete or completely unrelated to the subject you are attempting to screen. Some offer “nationwide criminal searches” which in reality, do not even exist for the private sector. These incomplete tenant background search sites offer a false sense of security while leaving you and your property open to lengthy eviction proceedings and costly damages.


Gadsden Investigations knows that your property is often a substantial investment. Maybe you have a beautiful home down the Coosa river that you are looking to rent out over the summer. Maybe the property is a large single-family home located within Gadsden. Either way, you have insurance on the property in case of a loss, shouldn’t you do the most that you can to protect it from malicious renters?

General Background Checks

The term background check or background investigation is quite broad. The best way to narrow it down is to focus on the reason for the investigation and the goal of it.

There are a lot of common misconceptions regarding background investigations. Most individuals search online for a background check website and find one that promises all types of results. Some even guarantee it.

The hard truth is that the overwhelming majority of these sites use out of date discount databases to compile incomplete information and call it results.

Not only does this not provide a sound background investigation but the incomplete and sometimes faBlse information can lead to false accusations and missed dangers.