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The Process of Surveillance

Once I accept an assignment and the scope of the assignment is clear, a full background investigation is launched. A background investigation helps determine a person’s activities and behavioral patterns. Surveillance can be scheduled around that information and focus can be made on the times that I’m most likely to capture evidence. While conducting surveillance, I give my client real-time updates twice daily so that we can make the best decisions on how to proceed and with their best interests in mind.

Within 48 hours of completing surveillance I complete a full report along with video evidence for client review. The client not only receives the report, but with that I explain in detail the report summary and break it down so the client can be best informed on how to proceed with their case.

Prior to the investigation

In order to begin my investigation I need personal information about the claimant, including: name, date of birth, social security number, address, photo, the time of the claimant’s work shift, information about upcoming appointments and why the investigation is being initiated. I confirm the claimant’s residence and monitor social media activities for inconsistencies. Also, I check criminal records and check for licenses or other certifications. This helps to achieve the best possible results. I’ll also ask if there have been any prior investigations and how much risk you are willing to accept during this investigation.

Reasonable expectations for an investigation

For me, a successful case is one in which I positively identify the claimant and record their activities for the period of time that was agreed upon without incident. This does not mean that the activities observed during surveillance will significantly impact the conclusion of the claim. I will establish a relationship with someone from your organization who can make decisions regarding the investigation.

Outcomes of the investigation

The goal of any investigation should be to evaluate illegal or harmful behavior. Other possible outcomes of investigations can include creating a culture of accountability wherein the misuse of disability benefits is discouraged, reducing frivolous expenses by minimizing unnecessary surgeries and procedures.

Launchpad into the PI World

I studied hard and went through all the necessary steps to obtain my private investigators license. Part of the process included gathering documents for proof of citizenship. It also included a 13-page application which was notarized along with three sets of fingerprints to be submitted to the FBI, ALEA and the APIB. 

I put up the funds, scheduled the test and I passed my private investigators board license exam. I was super excited! The exam seemed more difficult than I hoped, so I was on cloud nine as it was a 50-question exam with only a pass or fail outcome. Upon completion of the exam, you don’t know what questions were incorrect, but you had to get 35 questions correct to pass. 

Now, I'm ready to hang up my sign for business and start using my skills to help others. The next thing I did was to build this website, which is not entirely complete, and will continue to grow as I do. Then I printed some business cards. I’m doing some contracting for a process server company. I've even gotten a little business from a local PI. I'm so excited about getting into this field I can hardly wait to take a deep dive into some cases. 

I really would like to do well in background investigations. Especially for employers or for landlords or even just for individuals seeking to find backgrounds for their relationship partner. People seem to have so many faces today and you really don't need don't know which one is the real one. But through an amazing amount of information found both on and offline, a wealth of information can be obtained about almost any individual.

With the right skill set and the right tools I can find almost anyone. Or at least put forth the most professional effort to at least try to find information. Gadsden Investigations is here to help you with your important needs. Don't take the future for granted. Don't take any chances. Find out things before it's too late. Before you make that all-important decision. Contact me today, 256-656-0377.


Female PI's

Females tend to make the best private investigators simply because by nature of being a female. Typically, females are less threatening than the average male. People have a tendency to trust women. Especially an older woman, more like a grandmother figure, people feel more comfortable with.

As a female private investigator it is a blessing to have that going for me. Usually, women are more sympathetic, caring and offer more ways of condolences than their male counterparts.

If you've never used the female private investigator, then you should consider using one. Gadsden Investigations is a veteran and female owned business. Reach out to us today to consider our services. We strive to support our clients to the utmost. 

Why are attorneys the most difficult ones to serve?

It was a beautiful day one afternoon in Scottsboro, Alabama. I had to serve an attorney in town. Of course, the office was closed because it was Sunday, and I was reassigned to deliver the documents to the attorney’s resident.

I contacted the attorney to say that I had some important legal documents for them. Now you think attorneys would know better than try to avoid or to refuse service, right? But no, this attorney wanted to bow up on me and say that it is Sunday and that they’re not working. As you know, the wheels of justice keep rolling and really doesn’t stop for weekends.

I think their ego gets the best of them sometime. And they think that maybe the law doesn't apply to them. I don't know. But, if you're an attorney reading this please note that if someone should deliver legal paperwork to you, you should by all means except the service. Not doing so can result in criminal charges. Whoever knowingly resists or obstructs the authorized service or execution of any civil or criminal process or order of any court commits a Class B misdemeanor.

When you get an order from the court, it’s in your best interest to see what it’s about in order to adequately prepare for your case no matter your occupation.

5 Basic Questions to Ask When Hiring a PI

Private Investigators can work for a variety of patrons: attorneys, human resource professionals, individuals, claims adjusters, and risk-minded corporations. They all hire private investigators to collect information.

Please don’t think that PIs work portrays any of the entertainment aspects that seen on TV. Movie and television shows do not accurately reflect the truth. But ironically, that’s what PIs do, the find the truth. They are factfinders often obtaining hard to get information for a fee.  

If you’re new to hiring a private investigator, you’ll want to ask a few questions.

Here are 5 basic questions you’ll want to ask when hiring a private investigator:


A license is the accepted standard for private investigators. It’s required by most states for a PI to hold an operating license. Have your PI submit a copy of their license or board-issued registration number before you hire them.


Privacy is paramount; discretion is irreplaceable. Can your prospective PI be discreet when conducting the investigation? PIs should be familiar with password protection, VPNs, two-step authentication, and more. Your initial consultation should be top secret.


PIs need something in writing. Typical contracts come in the form of a letter of engagement or client agreement. Signing a contract guarantees both parties are in agreement to work together. Handshake agreements are nice for a PI’s current clients, but new clients take on a degree of uncertainty. Expect to sign on the dotted line.


PIs are still business professionals although they often must work in the shadows. A businesses’ website is their neon sign and poor content and design show low standards. A social media presence displays thought leadership and expertise. Can you find your PI with a simple Google query? If not, run!


PIs don’t work for free. An upfront retainer covers startup costs. This might be a few hundred dollars to a few thousand depending on the locality, case type, and length. PIs can charge flat fees for each service, and others charge hourly rates. Expect to pay expenses like mileage, travel time, and lodging. Make sure you know how much your PI will charge before they begin. A key takeaway is that you get what you pay for – hiring a low-price PI can lead to low-quality results.

Have you Ever Been Cheated On?

Maybe you know of someone whose been cheated on. Chances are that the answer is yes. Today, cheating is more common than ever. With hookup apps like Tinder and dozens of online dating sites, it's never been easier to cheat and get away with it.

If your partner has a smartphone, or even just access to the Internet, (s)he could be sneaking around behind your back and you may never know it! If you think it could never happen to you, think again. It is estimated that 30-60% of all married people in the U.S. cheat on their spouse, and this number is even higher for people who are dating. This means that if you have a boyfriend or girlfriend, statistically they're more likely to cheat on you than they are to stay faithful.

Since online affairs are so easy to cover up, how can you know for sure that your partner is loyal? You can't, but there’s a good chance if (s)he is sneaking away from you to text or talk, there may be a need for concern. But then again (s)he may be planning some special surprise. You be the judge.

If you suspect (s)he is cheating, get the peace of mind you need. At Gadsden Investigations, we discover the truth. Simply fill out the contact form for complete anonymity. You may also call us or email hand at gadsdeni dot com. 

My Mom was Scammed!

After my dad passed in 2015, my mom became involved with the oil rig scammer out of South Africa. I immediately saw through the mess of lies he had told her. This guy was going to be easy to knockout, but I certainly had to do some investigating.

By some of the things she told me I already about him, I realized that she had sent him money. Now granted, he's supposed to be on a multimillion-dollar contract with BP Oil. Of course, the contract was a fake as well as the picture he used.

By looking at his Facebook profile pic and doing a quick Google reverse image search I found out that the person used in the photos lived in Argentina and he wasn't even a straight man. He was gay!

My mom simply could not believe, or should I say would not believe what I was telling her and showing her. Of course, I reported the scam to the Federal Trade Commission, the Attorney General's Office, the FBI and the sheriff. None of these organizations could do anything because the funds went out of the country.

I have the name of the agent and the address of where the money was wired in South Africa. Since she is still communicating with him, I want to go over to South Africa and bust this money laundering scumbag who preys on the elderly and unknowing women.

As I continue my career in using my investigative techniques and developing skills, I hope you’ll trust me on one of your cases. If you want someone with tenacity and completeness, please consider using Gadsden Investigations. Fill out the online contact form for privacy. You may also call the number at the top of the screen, or simply send an email to


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