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We are unparalleled in the industry for our work ethic and professional expertise and we are equipped to tackle assignments with integrity and accuracy. Most importantly, we believe in developing close relationships with our clients as we know they rely on us to keep them updated on the ever-changing court requirements as well as ensuring that their jobs are done right the first time.

Our success is founded on a few basic principles: dedication, communication, education, and excellent customer service.

Service of Process


Summons and Complaint Subpoena Service

Bank Levies and Wage Garnishment

Writs of Attachment and Execution

Temporary Restraining Order

Small Claims

We follow a code of conduct and best practices.

Consider Gadsden Investigations to help you maximize your time management by hiring us.

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Our services includes a broad spectrum of specialized services including, but not limited to, service of process, skip tracing, unlawful detaines, small claims services, and summons and complaints. We provide this array of services to law offices, property management companies, and individuals.

Serving during COVID-19

The impact of COVID-19 varies greatly from state to state, and community to community. Serving legal documents today requires important proper procedures to protect ourselves and those we interact with. All of our serves require that all documents are printed in a clean work space while wearing gloves, face masks, and other protective gear. Here are our best practices for document preparation from Gadsden Investigations:

Document Preparation

1. Printed in a Controlled Environment

Prior to printing hands are thoroughly washed for at least 20 seconds with soap and water before putting on any protective gear. All documents are printed in a clean work space while wearing gloves, face masks, and other protective gear.

2. Plastic Covers

As soon as is practical following printing, each set of documents should be sealed in a plastic protective covering.

3. Deliver Documents Inside Plastic Covers

Documents remain within the plastic covers and is not removed by anyone other than the final recipient.  

Skip Tracing

Is your defendant avoiding service?

I excel at serving elusive individuals who try to avoid service. Often most people don’t feel threatened by a female, so I generally have better performance measures in this area.

My tactics are highly professional.

Call today 256-565-0377.

Our Guarantee

We stand behind our services and will do everything possible to ensure our services stand up to the toughest scrutiny. Although we cannot guarantee that every service will be served because people do attempt to avoid service or if we are provided an invalid address, we do guarantee the every paper served by Gadsden Investigations will stand up and found valid at a quash hearing.